Monday, September 8, 2014

Extend a WARM WELCOME to Current and New Members

Our 1st Meeting of the 2014/15 School Year
is Monday, September 15th
7 PM at Highfield Baptist Church
(corner of St. George St. and Highfield)

What does God have you excited about doing with your children this year?
We have lots of information to share with you as well as
two discussions: (1) New to Home Educating? and (2) Kick-starting Your Homeschool Year.

The MCHE membership fee is only $20 or $25 for the year depending on certain factors.
Learn about our updated library resources and the benefits of membership.
Plans are in the works for our monthly meetings and a family gathering Dec. 1st.

Look forward to seeing you then!
Your MCHE Leadership Team

Jodie, Christine, Heidi, Virginia, Melissa, Lise, Deanna and Mary Beth

Wednesday, May 7, 2014




Monday, May 12th, 2014

at Highfield Baptist Church 

starting at our usual meeting time of 7pm


Go through your home school material to see what you might want to sell


Bring your list of what you're looking for, for next year,

and you might find a bargain!


If you'd like to reserve a table to sell your items

please contact Mary Beth

There is no charge for reserving tables but please let her know by Friday, May 9th

We ask that you be there by 6:30 pm. on May 12th to help get the tables set up.


Look forward to seeing you then.

Your MCHE/PECM Leadership Team



as this is the last meeting of the year.


Monday, April 14, 2014




It “feels” like SPRING IS HERE to stay

 and the end of the “school year” is quickly coming upon us.

Have you started thinking about what curriculum you might use next year?

We’re having a home school curriculum “show and tell time” to learn about curriculum others have used and to share what we’ve used in home educating our children.

Has some curriculum worked really well this year?

What is it about the curriculum that you really appreciate?

Did the curriculum work well with one child but not another?

If so, can you give some insight on the type of children it works well for.

Whether you’re thinking about next year or not, come learn from other’s experience with, and insights on, specific curriculum.

There will be a limit on the amount of time you’ll have to share but also time afterwards to discuss curriculum with others.


PLEASE remember to return any LIBRARY material you’ve borrowed.  This will be the last month of this school year to borrow material as work is being done to improve our library organization and borrowing system.  All material will have to be returned at our May meeting.


See you at 7pm at Highfield Baptist Church

on the corner of Highfield St. and St. George St., Moncton



Friday, March 14, 2014

YIKES! How time flies! Our
March meeting is at 7 pm on the 17th - this coming Monday!

TOPIC: "Organizing Your Home
School" (with a guest speaker)

Our guest speaker is a former HENB Board
member. Her and her husband,
have been home educating their four children for
the past 13 years. This year they celebrate their first
graduate from their Homeschool Academy in the Woods.
She has discovered that there is a lot
of joy in the journey, but it comes as a daily choice. She
loves to share the education that homeschooling has given
her with others who have chosen to do the same.

While many of us may be thinking
about the end of the school year, making changes in the way
we do things, regardless of the time of year, can
help calm the chaos and reduce the stress we
may experience. She will give ideas on the often
difficult task of maintaining a healthy
balance in our lives while juggling all we need to do, with
the goal to enable us to enjoy
a more peaceful home and school. She'll
unpack simple but effective organizing strategies that will
help us set priorities and goals, use our time efficiently,
manage our homes with the help of our kids, and slow down
enough to experience God's very best for our families.

Join us on Monday as we
can all, undoubtedly, learn new ways and habits for
ourselves and our families as we journey together in this
home educating adventure.

If anyone is wanting to
order CAT (Canadian Achievement Test) tests, please check
out the information in the Resource Guide or ask about it at the meeting.
Orders and funds will be collected at the meeting.

Look forward to seeing
you in our usual location - Highfield Baptist Church, corner
of Highfield St. and St. George St., Moncton.

Please remember to return all library materials.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Come hear our guest speaker and a local psychologist inform us about her work in
psycho-educational assessment. She has worked with and helped home school families within our
support group as they've sought to understand their children's learning styles and difficulties.

She will present information on such questions as:

* What kind of information can be gained from an assessment?
* What are some of the different types of learning disorders?
* When should we, as parents, seek help?
* What are some red-flags or persistent patterns of difficulties that may be indicative of a learning disorder?

She graduated with an Honours BA in Psychology from UNB in 1998. She completed her Masters
degree in School Psychology from Mount Saint Vincent University in 2001 and has worked in schools, daycares, clinics and homes in both Alberta and New Brunswick since that time.

She currently works with preschoolers, school aged children, adolescents, young adults and their families as well as their educational teams. Her work includes diagnostic, learning, behavioural and emotional assessments as well as individual therapy, consultative support and clinical supervision. She has a special interest in autism spectrum disorders and received her Clinical Supervisor Certificate from UNB in 2008.

We believe that her presentation will be beneficial to all, whether your child has a learning disability or not, so please join us for an informative session this MONDAY, FEBRUARY 17TH, at 7 PM, at Highfield Baptist Church.

The leadership team

Thursday, January 16, 2014

2014 presents new opportunities........

The January MCHE/PECM meeting presents an opportunity for us to Share and Care for each other.

There is no topic..........

There will be an opportunity to share triumphs and struggles, to encourage others and to ask questions.

As a support group we want to present the opportunity to truly support each other in the common journey of home educating
our children. Do you have stories about some "Aha" moments with your children? Do you have questions about how to handle
certain things? Have you found the answer to helping your child succeed? Or is there a struggle and you don't know where to go
to get help? The chance is that others have dealt with similar things.

The New Year often presents the opportunity to look at how things went from September to December and to make changes for
January to June. Let us meet together and encourage one another.

This also seems to be the right time to brainstorm for our 2014 HENB Conference in June. We'll take 10-15 minutes
to discuss workshop ideas and potential speakers for the conference. Your input will be greatly appreciated.

See you at 7 pm. on Monday, January 20th, at Highfield Baptist Church, the corner of St. George and Highfield St.

Your Leadership Team

Jodie, Christine, Aralee, Loana, Heidi and Mary Beth

Friday, November 15, 2013

MCHE/PECM's November Meeting

How important is it to learn to
manage our finances in today’s culture?
What does the Bible have to say
about financial management?

As home educators, most of us are
one-income families in a culture of double-income
families. In such a culture, how can we, as
Christians, learn to manage our finances in order to still
have enough to bless others?
Guest speaker, Terry Branscombe
(father of MCHE member Deanna Johnson) is passionate about
helping others in the area of Christian financial
management. He has used Dave Ramsey’s books
and materials for adults and children with his own family
and others. Dave Ramsey is an American author, talk
show host and personal finance expert, from Tennesee.

Many of us are looking for practical ways to help
ourselves and our children understand and apply biblical financial principles
regarding money, stewardship, generosity, gratitude and
contentment. Terry will give us a glimpse into what it
means to live with financial freedom by following Biblical
principles and some of the materials available to accomplish that.

See you at 7 pm., next Monday,
November 18th, at Highfield Baptist Church.
Your MCHE/PECM Leadership Team